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Tips on dealing with bronchiolitis?

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Topographicals · 25/11/2023 16:05

Our 3 month old girl was in A&E last night, our GP referred us up as she wasn't happy with her respiratory levels and after being seen to the doctor said she most likely has bronchiolitis. She's been very snotty for the past week and developed a cough 3 days ago. We've been propping her up/holding her most of the day and we've adjusted her cozi sleeper so the head is higher than the feet, I'm just wondering is there anything else we can be doing? The doctor basically just said it's a wait and see sort of thing and sent us home after all of her checks came back clear but I'm still very worried. When we lie her down sometimes she seems like she can't breathe and sort of gags on what I'm assuming is all the mucus in the back of her throat. I tried sitting on the toilet with her and running the shower at full temp to give her a steam but it just loosened the snot and she seemed to choke on it again so I've been afraid to do it anymore. I'm a first time mum and all I've heard is horror stories about bronchiolitis so I've no clue what to be doing to help her!

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ChickenBhunaandChips · 25/11/2023 18:46

Have you got a snot sucker and some saline drops?

There is no treatment for bronchiolitis, some babies need help with feeding (we tube feed) and some oxygen in hospital. Day 3 is often the worse.

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