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White patches on child's knees

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LizWatson1986 · 25/11/2023 12:56

Hello there,

Back in the early part of the year we noticed that my son started developing white patches under his arms and on his hips, these progressed rapidly, within a few weeks. We then started noticing it on his neck and also forehead. We went to the doctors and they prescribed some antifungal cream saying it was tinea versicolour. The cream hasn't appeared to have had any effect on the patches (they haven't grown though but the pigment is still missing) I noticed this morning that the patches on his knees are growing.

I am quite sure this must be vitiligo, especially given the placements and given its symmetrical.

I will call the doctor first thing on Monday but does anyone have experience of tinea versicolour on knees?


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