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Does she need glasses?

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Optimow · 25/11/2023 12:48

So my nearly 3 year old DC had their eyes tested, and they were found to be long-sighted, with a prescription of +1. Do they need glasses? the optician said not to bother and to bring them back in a year, but DC can read and really enjoys reading books, so I don't know if it would help them enjoy their hobby.

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Feliciacat · 25/11/2023 12:56

I have a prescription of 0.75 (plus and minus, so short and long). This means I see everything at a level of 0.75. I do not wear glasses as I find them uncomfortable and I do not get on with contacts. I am fine! I do wear glasses for driving but this is more to safeguard others than because I find it hard to see.

I would say to ask your DC if she wants glasses. I suppose maybe she could have a cheapie pair just to try (maybe even some bargain bucket reading glasses at 1.0 prescription). Then if she really finds them helpful, you can get ‘proper’ glasses. The optician probably thought that the effort to habilitate your child to glasses would be a bit much based on how her sight is not too bad. It’s personal preference at this level.

dementedpixie · 25/11/2023 13:06

If the optician doesn't see a need for them then I'd just leave it and then reassess when they get their next annual eye test

Optimow · 25/11/2023 13:08

I think I worry because my DC does regularly complains about headaches, so I am not sure if having glasses would help with those

OP posts:
dementedpixie · 25/11/2023 13:22

Did you tell the optician about the headaches? Is she +1 in both eyes?

Feliciacat · 25/11/2023 13:28

If she gets headaches then glasses could well be worth trying. Or at least a cheap pair. This is really random but does she have long and thick hair? I have thick hair and I get lots of headaches if it goes beyond a certain length and I wear it in a ponytail.

Maybe the optician doesn’t think her sight is bad enough to get headaches. It’s very hard to say. My sight is similar and I only get hair-related headaches. It could be worth seeing if glasses help but maybe it’s something else.

You sound like such a caring Mum by the way! I love how you’re up for whatever will give her her best version of life.

Optimow · 25/11/2023 13:29

@dementedpixie they didn't really explain anything, just said +1 (without saying if it was 1 or both eyes) and to bring her back next year. I don't think I mentioned the headaches, I probably should have

OP posts:
Optimow · 25/11/2023 13:29

@Feliciacat she had her hair short, so no ponytails for her

OP posts:
Feliciacat · 25/11/2023 13:33

I think if the optician had known about the headaches, that could have changed things. Is it worth giving them a call to update them and see if their advice changes? At least she’s already had the eye test so won’t need that again.

Optimow · 25/11/2023 13:36

@Feliciacat that sounds like a plan, I will call on Monday. She is very little, but starting nursery soon, so I am keen to make everything as smooth for her as possible

OP posts:
Feliciacat · 25/11/2023 13:38

Aww how cute. She will get off to a great start with your support behind her. I hope her headaches improve soon. Good luck!

underneaththeash · 25/11/2023 13:58

Normal refraction in a 3 year old is +1.00, they are usually longsighted at that age. I wouldn't prescribe that unless there was a latent squint or a very high AC/A ratio even if they were getting headaches.

dementedpixie · 25/11/2023 15:59

@Optimow did they not give you a copy of the prescription? My optician always gives a copy whether glasses are prescribed or not.

Optimow · 25/11/2023 16:04

@dementedpixie no copy of the prescription, it was an end of the day appointment that we got at short notice due to a cancellation, and they were closing up

OP posts:
Optimow · 25/11/2023 16:04

@underneaththeash good to know, is there anywhere I could read more about this?

OP posts:
Mumtime2 · 25/11/2023 16:31

Call them back and discuss it.
Ask to be explained to in laymens terms.
We had a boarderline eye test for glasses at age 4 and had to return 6mths later then a year it was decided with a dye test.

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