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Scarlet Fever Itching

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BrieEncounter · 25/11/2023 08:41

Hi all

My poor 20 month old has come down with scarlet fever. Barely able to eat and drink as his throat is so sore but his main cause for upset is the rash

He is barely sleeping as he's so itchy (it's mainly around his buttocks so made worse with a nappy)

Is there anything I can do or give him for this rash as everything else is manageable! We've tried calamine lotion but doesn't really do it.

Last night he was up every hour crying and scratching at his bottom and this morning we are all wrecks

Do the ABs combat the rash too and how quickly? I've read the rash can last over a week and I would hate for him to be in this discomfort for that long!

Thanks so much

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Coqueta · 25/11/2023 08:48

You will see a massive difference within 48 hrs of starting the antibiotics

Oatmeal baths are a godsend (golfball size porridge oats in the foot of a pair of tights) run the bath really hot and let the oils seep out , keep squeezing the oats to get max effect
Let bath cool to correct temp and rub baby with the oats in the tights like a sponge (remember to tie it)

The bath will be slippy so rinse well after use

Don't rinse baby off, just pat dry, cover him in baby aveeno cream letting it sink into skin and dress him in loose cool clothes

Also keep up with calpol for the pain

BrieEncounter · 25/11/2023 08:58

Thank you so much for your reply. He had chicken pox earlier in the year and I hadn't considered treating it in a similar way. Think I have some oats left and poxclin/viral soothe which I know helped with his chicken pox rash.

Will see if that makes a difference.

As he was awake through the night we did continue his spaced out doses of antibiotics in the hopes of things improving quickly so fingers crossed

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Tangofantastic · 25/11/2023 10:18

I also give piriton which helps until the antibiotics kick in. Poor you, I think the itch is actually worse than the chicken pox one ☹️☹️

Tangofantastic · 25/11/2023 10:19

Ps rash can last but the awful itch
stops and the sandpaper feels stops too once antibiotics kick in

BrieEncounter · 25/11/2023 12:34

Thanks so much everyone.

I'm actually now a little concerned this could be hand foot and mouth. He has spots on his arm, face and hands and can't event drink anything without crying and keeps putting his hands to his mouth and screaming.

I can't see any spots or ulcers but they may be under the tongue

He's so upset bless him. No idea what I should do differently or just stick with what I'm doing?

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Nat6999 · 25/11/2023 12:53

Hand foot & mouth does have a really bad rash on the bum. I caught it recently & my mouth was covered in sores inside my lips & cheeks, I couldn't open my mouth without it bleeding. I used Azulenal cream on my lips, rinsed with salt water, but you could dab the salt water on with cotton wool or cotton buds & I drank everything through a straw so the sores didn't get irritated by the drink. I know your little one is 20 months, but could you go back to bottles until they are better for all drinks?

BrieEncounter · 25/11/2023 13:11

Oh gosh I hadn't even considered that we all might catch it too.

I really can't see any ulcers or spots in his mouth but will have a further look. His bum is awful and definitely where he has it worst (buttocks not genitals)

I've tried bottles but just swallowing seems to bother him too much

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