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Croup 4 days ago, now sibling is ill

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Zapx · 25/11/2023 02:21

Looking for hope and reassurance really 🤦‍♀️

9mo baby had a cold starting 2 weeks ago. Seemed to just about be getting better then Monday night started with croup. By Tuesday morning we were at A&E having been sent there by an out of hours GP. No treatment needed as signs all good so sent home again. Had chesty cough since then but seems to be very slowly improving… pretty unwell though.

Now my five year old is lying in bed next to me with a temperature of 39.8. Started Wednesday. 😢 (She’s fine- coping with calpol). Would you think in this instance that the baby has already had whatever the 5yo has now got, or do you reckon now the baby might get this illness too? And if it is new and the baby gets it, how bad is it to get another cold having literally just had croup?! I’m worried that back to back infections are going to be really bad for baby.

Realise no one can tell me. Just going through a rubbish time with illness and worried for my baby really.

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