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Does this look like HF&M?

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Nellie1027 · 23/11/2023 10:16

Anyone who's experienced hand, foot and mouth in your little ones, does this look like it could be that?

Everything I read online about it doesn't mention blisters around the mouth so I'm not sure? She is quite itchy, unsettled and dribbly. Currently just has these blisters around her mouth. But still eating, drinking and playing.

If so, any remedies? I have lots of breast milk in the freezer so I'll give her a milk bath later.

Thank you x

Does this look like HF&M?
Does this look like HF&M?
Does this look like HF&M?
OP posts:
Robotik · 23/11/2023 10:21

Yes it does
no remedies just wait for the virus to pass. Piriton and calpol too

CattingAbout · 23/11/2023 10:21

TBH it doesn't look like either of mine when they had it. They had spots on palms of hands, soles of feet and one had spots in the nappy area (but the other didn't).

They were also really quite miserable with it for the first day or two at the start - really high temperature, off food/drink.

But it doesn't look the same on every child, so see what other posters say!

wholecupcake · 23/11/2023 10:23

It doesn't look like when my LO had it

MsFrog · 23/11/2023 10:25

Yes my DS looked like that. And then I got it 🙄

Nellie1027 · 23/11/2023 13:35

Thanks all! Ended up at the doctors as her rash got so much worse and they thought it was infected but all is ok. And confirmed HF&M and usual treatment of calpol etc

Thanks for your responses 😊

OP posts:
Nellie1027 · 23/11/2023 13:35

@MsFrog oh god I really hope I don't get it 😬

OP posts:
MsFrog · 23/11/2023 13:40

@Nellie1027 I hope you manage to avoid it. I got the worst of it in my groin, which was awful!!! Kids, eh? They drag all sorts in! 🤣

Nellie1027 · 23/11/2023 14:29

@MsFrog oh that sounds awful, poor you! I know, and she hasn't even started nursery yet... the best is yet to come I fear...!

OP posts:
coxesorangepippin · 24/11/2023 02:37

Looks like it

Hope you don't get it, it's bloody awful

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