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14 day old head cut - should I get it reseen?

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Bramblecrumble22 · 22/11/2023 19:01

My daughter cut her head pretty deep in her hearline 2 weeks ago and had steristrips and glue (in her hair). I was told to keep it dry for 5-7 days and to remove the strips wet them. The next day it bled slightly in the middle and scabbed over one steristrip. On day 6 we washed her hair but strips were wel adhesived. On day 8, the scab had rubbed off and I removed 3 out of 4 of the strips in the bath but they slightly lifted a scab and the 4th was kind of embedded. So I kept an eye and now day 14 removed it. Before I wet it I noticed it looked slightly more red towards her forehead. She said she'd knocked it. She also said spinning in circles at school made her head hurt on the cut, but I guess that would anyway, I said don't spin then but she's 5. Does it look like it's healing well. It doesn't really look infected, but I don't know if I should go back to the urgent treatment centre for a check. So just sharing some pictures now. Two pics today, one day 4, two day of injury.

I think the yellowing is iodine that was trapped under the steristrips.

14 day old head cut - should I get it reseen?
14 day old head cut - should I get it reseen?
14 day old head cut - should I get it reseen?
14 day old head cut - should I get it reseen?
14 day old head cut - should I get it reseen?
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Superscientist · 23/11/2023 08:50

I think I would call your GP practice and see if one of the nurses could check it over. I don't think it warrants going back to the urgent care centre but I do get that a bit of reassurance that it's healing ok might be good for you especially given its on the head.

MidnightOnceMore · 23/11/2023 08:53

It's fine to ask for advice if you have concerns. Don't feel you're wasting time - if you think something isn't right you can ask for a check.

CormorantStrikesBack · 23/11/2023 08:55

I see a lot of wounds at work and from the photos that looks like it’s healing well.

KEG05 · 23/11/2023 08:56

I think it looks like it’s healing fine op but agree if your worried then phone the gp and ask if a treatment room nurse will have a wee look.

Bramblecrumble22 · 23/11/2023 11:01

Thanks all

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Bramblecrumble22 · 23/11/2023 11:50

I didn't get it seen to. The photo was just after removing the last steristrip and it was very well stuctso I got her to soak her head for a while before so it's a little red.

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