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Immunisation - 8wks

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ImiO · 22/11/2023 15:44

Hello! My baby just had her first set of jabs today. Has been napping for well over 3 hours now and didn’t drink for very long before sleeping (EBF). Shes due her next dose of Calpol too. Wouldn’t usually nap for this long in the day but don’t want to disrupt her. Shall I let her sleep or wake to feed / give Calpol?

nurse didn’t advise anything when we left so just checking what others have done. Thank you

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Thelazygardener · 22/11/2023 16:01

Honestly I’d let her snooze and just feed and offer calpol when she wakes. My LO is 20 weeks now and after his first and 2nd jabs (where they give rotavirus) ones he wasn’t big on eating and on thr 1st and 3rd (MenB) slept most of the day and about 13 hours overnight. I was advised not to wake to feed or give calpol just to give it when they next naturally woke up.

i think the MenB made him sleepy for 2 days and the rotavirus really upset his eating for about a week each time. Horrible stuff. He’s FF and would barely drink. I think it really takes it out of them poor things. X

ImiO · 22/11/2023 16:04

@Thelazygardener thank you so much! I really thought I’d be in for hours of crying and screaming, not sleeping so I’m in a bit of shock… x

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Superscientist · 22/11/2023 20:47

Sleep is a great healer if they are content and sleeping leave them be x

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