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JustACountryMusicGirlInCowboyBoots · 22/11/2023 10:49

Does this look like impetigo? Ds has ha a sore throat and fever for 5 days and now has this. Out of hours wouldn't give antibiotics at the weekend.

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JustACountryMusicGirlInCowboyBoots · 22/11/2023 12:11

GP says they can't tell what it is 😩

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LittleRedY0shi · 22/11/2023 12:25

I'm not a medic, but I would say yes. It's smaller than when my DC have had it, but visually similar, same location, etc. If it is, he should have antibiotics, so push for a second opinion.

JustACountryMusicGirlInCowboyBoots · 22/11/2023 13:05

The GP has seen the pictures and given him cream for it and oral antibiotics for the throat. I haven't seen any blisters anywhere else on him but will check at bath time. No wonder his nose has been sore as it's very red inside.

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Superscientist · 22/11/2023 20:50

When my daughter had impetigo over the course of about 2h three that looked like cold sores popped up around her mouth.
We took her to the pharmacist and the GP on 111 prescribed her an antibiotic cream on the say so of the pharmacist. 24h later they had pretty much gone

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