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Would you be concerned?

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CremeDeSudo · 21/11/2023 21:11

10yr old son has been unwell for the past 10 days, we think with the latest covid perhaps. Temp fluctuating between just elevated and a bit high, cough, lost appetite, no energy. He's felt better since Sunday and went back to school today. Enjoyed being back, full of beans and back to his normal self except his appetite hasn't come back yet. This evening he's come over with this rash. Mainly on his legs and bum but a bit on his lower back. Would you be concerned? I'm thinking it's a post viral thing, and this is the best he's been in almost a fortnight so I don't necessarily feel worried, but just hoping for opinions. Will be seeing how it is in the morning!

Would you be concerned?
Would you be concerned?
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Superscientist · 21/11/2023 21:25

My general rule for rashes is for mild concerns or gp isn't open go to the pharmacy. Moderate concern and GP open ANP/GP

It doesn't look like ringworm from my recollection but given there are some quite well defined circles going on that I would be wanting ANP/GP to have eyes on it

CremeDeSudo · 21/11/2023 22:14

Thanks for the reply! Consulted with Dr Google and I think ringworm looks different. Hives is the most similar looking thing I can find. We'll check on him before we go to bed and see how it is in the morning and make a call on what to do. Poor bugger has really been through it recently!

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TeaKitten · 21/11/2023 22:20

I’d contact the GP tomorrow and see what they think just to be safe. Ours let you send pictures online and then just say it’s ok, or you need a phone call.

PrimoPancake · 21/11/2023 22:31

I'd check with the GP just in case too.

It looks more like mottled skin than a rash to me. Some of the medical studies identified mottled skin as a covid effect.

PurpleBugz · 21/11/2023 23:06

Check with the pharmacist. But my guess is post viral

Nameychango · 21/11/2023 23:13

Not a doc but looks a bit like Parvovirus Aka slapped cheek, my son was unwell for a few days with high temp, pink cheeks etc then developed a pink Lacey looking rash. He was fine after about 7-10 days I seem to recall but it's contagious. Think he got it from a center parcs holiday 😬, prob best to see GP tho

CremeDeSudo · 22/11/2023 09:33

Rash had gone this morning! Phew. Thank you everyone. 😊

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