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Sugar Bug Vein

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ladybird30 · 21/11/2023 15:18

Does anyone else's LO have a sugar bug vein?

I've read it can mean they're sensitive sugar, is this true? I can't find anything scientific that backs this up but wondered if anyone has a LO that's slightly older now and has had the experience of a sugar bug vein?

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Tangofantastic · 21/11/2023 20:40

My DS had such a prominent one- he’s now 10 and it’s less visible. He does get hyper after sugar but not more so than any 10 year old boy I’d say!

ladybird30 · 22/11/2023 13:17

@Tangofantastic Have you ever noticed behavioural issues? I've also read it can be linked to ADHD, although I'm not sure how... It doesn't make much sense to me but just curious more so of other people's experience. I'm sure with time I'll realise it's just a vein and to not worry about the hearsay related to it

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