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Lump on sons thigh after 12 week jabs

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emlouba · 21/11/2023 14:22


My son got his 12 week jabs yesterday and in pic you can see the little red dot where that was, however I've noticed since and felt a hard lump around 2/3cm above it, it's the red patch in picture. Does anyone know what this is? Could it be from jab? I'm waiting for my doctors to open again at 4.


Lump on sons thigh after 12 week jabs
OP posts:
Hiddenvoice · 21/11/2023 14:53

My dd’s leg was the exact same after her Injections. I was told to draw a circle around it and watch to make sure it didn’t get bigger.
I was also told to apply a damp cloth to the area.

Try not to worry, my dd’s lump was gone within a couple of days and she was okay!

emlouba · 21/11/2023 17:01

@Hiddenvoice thank you so much, feel very reassured after reading that! I'm on hold to make a drs apt! But I may just do what you said and see how it goes! Thank you again xx

OP posts:
Hiddenvoice · 21/11/2023 17:10

I also got a fright when I seen it as it just felt hard and not what I’d be used to myself after an injection.

She didn’t have it at her 16 week injections and she was absolutely fine after her jabs.

Superscientist · 21/11/2023 21:29

That's fairly normal as long as it doesn't keep getting bigger.
We ended up in paeds after my daughters 4 months jab and had similar levels of redness and the paediatrician weren't concerned. We were in for inconsolable screaming

emlouba · 22/11/2023 07:32

@Hiddenvoice @Superscientist ok thank you both! I did speak to doctor and they told me it's normal! Just going to keep an eye on it and wait for it to go down! Scary isn't it, as it's not actually under where they did injection - it's above! But all very normal apparently x

OP posts:
Superscientist · 22/11/2023 10:39

My mum had the flu and pneumonia vaccines so 2 injections in one arm and COVID in the other arm. A few hours later she was unable to move the arm at all. She saw the GP was told it was the muscle responding to being poled with a pointy thing. I don't know if she was the only person to have this response as when her sister went for the same vaccines 2 weeks later they said they could only do 2 of them as they can now only do 1 injection per arm

wherethewildtbingsgo · 22/11/2023 10:41

Very normal.
Mine were the same.
Took quite a while to go down.

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