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Inguinal hernia in an 18mo - private hospitals?

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Cheepcheepcheep · 20/11/2023 20:39

Does anyone know of any hospitals which would operate on an 18mo boy with an inguinal hernia?

DS was admitted to A&E at our local hospital 3 weeks ago as we thought he had testicular issues, turns out he has an inguinal hernia. We’ve been referred to St George’s in Tooting but they’ve just cancelled his appointment and we were told in A&E it needs to be addressed urgently.

He is covered by DH’s Bupa cover but so far all the vascular teams we’ve been referred to say that they don’t operate on kids that young.

Does anyone know of any private hospitals who would do this? Happy to go NHS (especially given the expertise at St G’s) but time is a factor as A&E said it needs doing asap.

Thanks in advance for any tips - it’s causing him a lot of discomfort and I just want it sorted soonest.

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Cheepcheepcheep · 21/11/2023 13:07


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Mummyme32 · 16/01/2024 19:47

I just googled it but Simon Clarke at the Cromwell looks like he does pediatric her I repair

i hope you found someone and your little boy is ok

Cheepcheepcheep · 16/01/2024 20:16

@Mummyme32 thank you so much for your kind reply. We managed to get it done at the Portland last week - little DS is grumpy but on the mend. Thank you for reminding me to update the thread, I meant to in case it comes up for anyone on a search one day. DS was operated on by Mrs Joshi and she did a fabulous job.

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