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Toddler constipation, laxatives & milk.

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121gigawatts · 20/11/2023 14:33

My 2 year old DD (3 in February) suffers from horrific constipation to the point she has fissures and bleeds with bowel movements. She's always been constipated even as a baby, we managed it with prunes from about 6-12 months, then went on to lectulose and tried a few other over the counter type things. We moved from toddler formula to whole milk when was 2, we stuck the formula because she got vitamins from it and liked it. I noticed when we changed to whole or sometimes use jersey, her constipation got worse. The GP won't have this and says she needs calcium. We recently got prescribed cosmocol sachets and the only way I can get her to take it is in milk! We've started using them alongside something called bioray, a homeopathic remedy recommended by someone (at this point I'm willing to try anything!) This may sound totally stupid but will semi skimmed milk be better? She won't drink any dairy milk alternatives, we've tried and she doesn't like the formula now. When on holiday for a week in Spain, she had no milk (only in cereal) and whilst still constipated I would say it was noticeably less than usual. She also loves milk so much! She does drink alot of water too but won't drink anything else, won't drink fresh juice or cordial, don't want her having cordial anyway but would be helpful for these circumstances! Any other advice? I'm not crazy, the milk definitely doesn't help not matter what GP says!

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121gigawatts · 20/11/2023 14:35

Sorry for all typos, typing quickly whilst I actually get a minute!

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Superscientist · 20/11/2023 16:03

Food allergies can cause constipation as well as loose stools.
Have you tried your HV? I wonder whether they would be able to put a referral in for a dietician appointment? Ours offered to do a referral so suspected allergies if our paediatrician didn't.
I would be trying to find some more specialist advice as from my experience GPs have patchy knowledge of paediatric issues and our best GP added the line "sorry that's personal not professional experience" to every comment and bit of advice.

121gigawatts · 21/11/2023 12:39

Thanks for reply. I have coeliac disease and if I ever I accidentally consume gluten/wheat I get a bit of an upset stomach followed by terrible constipation along with pain,mouth ulcers etc so I understand that allergies can affect people in different ways but GP doesn't seem to acknowledge this. I never thought about HV but I've just messaged and asked could they contact me and will discuss a referral. Thanks for advice.

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feb220222 · 05/12/2023 21:59

We are experiencing something similar, my little girl is 22 months and will only really drink milk, but is so constipated. She was CMPA when she was younger but appeared to have grown out of it. She has been prescribed laxido but he doctors but yoh have to mix with water then I add it to the milk but she Dosent always drink it. It’s a nightmare and I don’t really know where to go from here!

121gigawatts · 06/12/2023 08:12

It's awful isn't it @feb220222 you feel so helpless. My little girl is drinking it in milk and I've changed her to semi skimmed. She's been going more frequently but is still constipated and in pain. She has a referral now for it. I've read other threads on her in which people try things like chocolate milk/chocolate oat milk, could that be an option?

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Nineteendays · 06/12/2023 08:14

My daughters always taken her sachets in fresh apple juice. Would that work?

AnnaSewell · 06/12/2023 08:20
headcheffer · 06/12/2023 08:22

Have you tried a probiotic? That helped my DD massively. I use gummies from Amazon.

feb220222 · 06/12/2023 08:53

She had CMPA as a baby and at a year we loved her on to oat milk so I think we might swap back to that and see how we go! I’m also going to ask for liquid laxatives as the sachets are a nightmare to give her! Glad your little one seams a little better!

121gigawatts · 08/12/2023 13:17

Thanks @AnnaSewell definitely going to try this! Hope the swap may help a little @feb220222 the initial dose of 8 sachets was impossible to get down my daughter, we are on two a day, sometimes 3, but like I said hit and miss, they help a little, we see doctor on Monday so hopefully can do something more and run some tests.

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121gigawatts · 08/12/2023 13:18

We have tried probiotic @headcheffer maybe we should go back on them or try a different one as found the one we tried didn't do much

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