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Newborn too much insulin production

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TakeMe2Insanity · 19/11/2023 06:20

My newborn (now 4 days old) got taken to the nicu on day 2. Hes been diagnosed with producing too much insulin. Has this happen to anyone else. How long did it take to go home? How were they afterwards etc

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polkadotelephant · 19/11/2023 08:32

We have a Facebook group dedicated to this. Please look up Children’s Hyperinsulinism UK
The amount of time you stay in hospital depends on so many factors. Most children are only a few days, we were in for over 3 months.
Good luck. Support is waiting.

anon2134 · 19/11/2023 09:43

Ds was in for 10 days and dd was in for a week.

TakeMe2Insanity · 21/11/2023 06:01

Thank you @polkadotelephant I’ll look that up.

OP posts:
Electriccircus · 21/11/2023 06:49

There's a lot more information available now, I'm sure you have been googling the internet, the Great Ormond St web page has a couple of good links. My son grew out of it when he was 7, 18 now and no issues.

blaum · 21/11/2023 07:57

I know someone in another country who had this. Had to have a part of his pancreas taken out and is now just like any other child except he now has to take insulin. He must be about 16 now.

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