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4 year old woke with a limp

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Victoriacole · 17/11/2023 07:39

My 4 year old went to bed the other night fine no issues atall . Next morning he woke up and could not put any weight on his leg when standing straight . He’s been able to bend his leg and move around just fine it’s just standing straight he can’t do . He’s been his usual self still jumping around and trying to run around . He’s not had any injury to his leg which is why I’m so confused .he’s not been unwell in the last few weeks either and his temperature is completely normal .
He’s been seen in hospital but they were just as confused as I was as he was still acting lively and pushing his leg down in order to get on to bed or push himself up . Anyone have any ideas what this could be
Thank you .

OP posts:
FiveCows · 17/11/2023 07:42

Mine had this. Went in for months, checked out repeatedly but in the end diagnosed as ‘irritable hip’. He has grown out of it.

if it persists for more than a few weeks definitely go back x

Wishiwasatailor · 17/11/2023 07:45

Transient synovitis (irritable hip) is the most typical reason for limping child. Does it get better with ibuprofen?

Victoriacole · 17/11/2023 08:54

They’ve said to go back Saturday if he’s no better , being the anxious mum I am I couldn’t help but read things online and absolutely terrify myself with the possibilities. I was told to give him ibuprofen which hasn’t changed anything but he doesn’t seem in pain even when he attempts to walk on it.I don’t know if he’s just wary about putting weight on it incase it hurts him .

OP posts:
Wishiwasatailor · 17/11/2023 09:10

Keep going with the ibuprofen 3 times a day. It’s not clear if he’s fully weight bearing but still limping or limping because it hurts. Don’t focus on the limp and keep him distracted. I know it’s hard but try and Stay off the internet and go back tomorrow if he’s still not walking without a limp.

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