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Twin block braces after growth spurt

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monkeynuts45 · 17/11/2023 06:43

Posted a much longer version in Teenagers but does anyone have any experience of a teenager having a twin block brace at 14 after they seem to have stopped growing?

Dd just had one fitted and i want to understand the chances of it making a difference if she's past her growth spurt.

OP posts:
creamcheeseandlox · 17/11/2023 06:45

Hi. My DD is onto fixed braces now after twin blocks. She is 14 and definitely slowed down with her growth. I don't quite understand your concerns?

monkeynuts45 · 17/11/2023 06:57

Thanks for replying. My worry is that I've read that twin block braces don't work once kids have stopped growing. Dd hasn't really grown much at all in the last year so my concern is they won't work as they should for her.

Orthodontist was a bit dismissive when I flagged this as she's only 13 but she's a fully grown 13 yr old iyswim.

OP posts:
creamcheeseandlox · 17/11/2023 06:59

I've just made a longer reply on your other post with pics. Twin blocks cannot fail to work. Took my DD overjet from 11mm to 2mm and she is a tall 5ft 10 teen Def slowed right down in growth.

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