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Would you send your child to school if they had a temp the day before?

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raspberryjuiceandpompoms · 16/11/2023 22:59

my DS (Y2) was complaining about tummy ache all day and before bed his temp was 38.3. I gave him calpol and sent him to bed saying he’s not going to school tomorrow. Now my DH is fuming saying DS should go as he checked his temp in his sleep and it’s 36.7. DS told me he was hiding all day at play times because of tummy ache. He hasn’t missed any days due to illness yet and I feel that it’s better for him to stay at home tomorrow. WWYD?

OP posts:
BeautifulBoy · 16/11/2023 23:02

I would see how he was in the morning (& overnight) and if still unwell would keep him off.
If you gave calpol then his temp will have come down, what doesn’t your DH understand about that?

Legomania · 16/11/2023 23:02

Why wouldn't you call it in the morning? Mine have often been off-colour in the evening then bouncing around completely back to normal by the morning

Firsttimemum120 · 16/11/2023 23:04

your sons temp has only dropped because you’ve given him calpol. My daughter was unwell at the start of the week and she was right as rain until the calpol wore off as soon as that wore off the temp and the poorliness came back. Men do my head In!!

Firsttimemum120 · 16/11/2023 23:05

I’d make the decision in the morning but there’s no way I’d listen to your partner.

Normandy144 · 16/11/2023 23:06

Too early to tell. As others have said, Calpol will reduce temperature but I would see how they feel in the morning. If temperature has gone by morning (and assuming they haven't puked in the night) and they're feeling well then yes I'd send them in. See what the morning brings.

DinoRaar · 16/11/2023 23:08

I wouldn't make decisions about tomorrow based on today. See how he is in the morning. if he's better, he goes to school, if he's not, he stays home.

raspberryjuiceandpompoms · 16/11/2023 23:11

Thanks all! I will definitively see how DS feels in the morning but I know that sometimes he’s ok for a couple of hours and then temp creeps up. He’s not the one to tell the teachers that he’s not feeling well - hence hiding with tummy ache. I thought in general you’re not supposed to send your child in at least 24h after fever. Mind you, I understand it’s not always possible … I’m a SAHM though and tomorrow is Friday anyway.

OP posts:
2chocolateoranges · 16/11/2023 23:12

I’d wait until the morning and see how your child is.

I also wouldn’t take a child’s temperature if they were sleeping as I was told that your temperature is lower when sleeping .

raspberryjuiceandpompoms · 16/11/2023 23:12

Maybe I’m massively overthinking this… 🤔

OP posts:
Familiaritybreedscontemptso · 16/11/2023 23:15

I’d just see how he is in the morning. Don’t see what it being Friday has to do with anything, every day at school is important if the child is well enough to go.

But yes, if he seemed fine in the morning, I’d send him in. You can always ask the teacher to keep a bit of an eye.

thaegumathteth · 16/11/2023 23:23

No I wouldn't and didn't . Especially not when they're only little and you're at home anyways

MrsPatrickDempsey · 16/11/2023 23:33

Treat the child not the fever.
A fever is the body doing what it needs to do to fight infection. If the child is otherwise symptomatic relieve with paracetamol/ibuprofen.If not let the immune system do its job.

SnapdragonToadflax · 17/11/2023 00:06

I wouldn't make any decisions the night before, just see how he is in the morning. But yes, I would definitely send the day after a fever if he seemed ok. They bounce back so quickly, and I need to work.

My DP massively minimises illness too though, it's so annoying. I pretty much just ignore him and go with my gut.

Againlosinghope · 17/11/2023 00:07

The advice is not to go to school for 24 hrs after a temperature.
Personally, I would keep off if in doubt. I regularly visit schools and I have seen situations with sick children (definitely too ill for school) in school because the staff haven't noticed they are ill.
Your childs attendance is good generally so I wouldn't even question keeping them off tomorrow.
One year one of mine had a problem with re-occurring fever spikes and missed a lot of school. We were told by school to give calpol and send anyway due to drop in attendance.

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