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Newborn and a cold

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Darcysmumx · 16/11/2023 19:08

I’m a first time mum and my little girl is 4 1/2 weeks old.
I think she has picked up a little cold and sounded like she was choking and coughing a few nights ago scaring the life out of me and my husband. When we both got to her Moses basket she was asleep and had stopped.
She was very grumpy yesterday and wouldn’t settle but today she has just slept all day. Has woke up for feeds around 4 hours at a time. Downed 5oz then goes straight back to sleep.

Just wanted to check and put my mind at ease that she is just on the mend and needs the sleep to recover.

Being a first time mum everything is new and I’m worried I am getting it wrong. Any advise would be amazing x

OP posts:
LightSpeeds · 16/11/2023 19:10

Sleepiness in a baby can be a warning sign of a problem.

Oldermum84 · 16/11/2023 19:19

Sleepiness in month old is completely normal and is restorative when ill. This must be really worrying but just keep an eye on them, check they are breathing normally, not sucking in at the ribs for example. If drinking plenty and having wet nappies that's a good sign.

addler · 16/11/2023 22:38

Things to look out for:

Drinking only half her usual milk intake or less
A fever
Working harder to breathe, so her stomach and chest sucking in

If she's still drinking lots I would just keep a watchful eye, but get her checked out if you're unsure. For things like bronchiolitis they can only treat the symptoms not the illness, so will give oxygen and a feeding tube to help with dehydration and breathing.

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