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Teenage boy feeling wet

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GEK1983 · 16/11/2023 19:00


Have a question. My 14 year old says he keeps feeling like he's wetting himself but nothing is there. This happens during the day. He said there's no discharge, no pain or itching. Any ideas?

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Fedupsequin · 16/11/2023 19:07

Hi OP, unsure if it’s relevant but my dd (3) went through about ten days of being absolutely insistent that she had wet herself about a fortnight ago. I took her to the go to check for a urine infection and all was clear. It seems unlikely but I wonder if it’s perhaps a symptom of a virus going round. Very strange and very unsettling for the child.

eta she had no pain, itching or other symptoms either.

GEK1983 · 16/11/2023 19:10

It's a strange one as like with your daughter it doesn't seem like a uti. He had it few months ago too and it stopped after a couple weeks. It's baffling. I will take him drs but just wondered if anyone had a clue. Thanks for responding. :)

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stayathomer · 16/11/2023 19:18

Best of luck op, hope it gets sorted (sorry am no help but it must be annoying for him!)

ASquareIsARectangle · 17/11/2023 17:10

Does he have wet dreams?

GEK1983 · 21/11/2023 16:46

Hey all,

First of all, yes he does have wet dreams now I am assuming as he's often changing his pants in the night and he hasn't wet himself. Gp said it could be constipation pushing on his bladder as we've discovered he only goes once a week. On meds so will soon find out. If it doesn't work then it's back to drs probably after xmas or bit before.

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