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Children's health

8 year old with lower back pain and dizziness

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ThePaleGreenPants · 16/11/2023 10:37

I am worried about my child’s health. I’ve posted before but her symptoms with lower back pain and dizziness is starting to get worse. I was in a&e 2 weeks ago with her because it comes on strong in the night and she turns to me and says something is wrong I don’t feel well. She always has dizziness and waking with back pain that last the whole day. It can wake her in the night.
they did an mri on her head and found nothing. Doctors have no idea and they are saying there are no red flags to have the mri done on her lower back, so we have to wait 2-3 months to get that done. I really don’t know what to think, does anyone have any similar symptoms with their child?? It just makes me so upset that the doctors have said just comfort her. Her arms and legs go week when she gets this very strong.
also the symptoms started back in July but were not often and not very strong. They now are getting just so worse we are up till 2 in the morning bc she can’t sleep. Sorry for the long message but if anyone can help, thank you

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Blossomandblooms · 16/11/2023 13:15

Hi @ThePaleGreenPants - what about taking your daughter to an osteopath / chiropractor - my DD (7) had back pain and the GP checked her over to make sure she wasn't developing any spinal issues such as scoliosis. Has she had blood tests to rule out any deficiencies?

Lucy377 · 16/11/2023 13:25

A wild card but is she on the trampoline a lot.

If you can keep a diary of what went on the 24 hours before.
Or if it's a certain day of the week.
Again a long shot.

Can you afford to go private to pay for an MRI of her back to speed it up.

Or if going back to the GP would accelerate it.

ThePaleGreenPants · 16/11/2023 13:30

She did go on it, not anymore….hasn’t been on for over a month. Hasn’t felt up to it. I did try and remember a few months back if she ever came to me saying she was hurting after being on the trampoline but we both agreed she never did. I was thinking that too….maybe something has happened and it’s causing this.

OP posts:
ThePaleGreenPants · 16/11/2023 13:38

Will look at that, check if her posture is correct

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Ducksurprise · 16/11/2023 13:42

Have they tested for a uti?

SOBplus · 16/11/2023 13:43

Are her ears wet? Even if the answer is no, my first thought was a CSF Cerebral spinal fluid leak which can be very difficult to diagnose, but having known two kids who went years with dizziness and headaches its high on my admittedly biased concerns list.

SOBplus · 16/11/2023 13:50

Also wanted to offer thoughts and prayers as there is nothing worse than a sick child, especially when you feel there is nothing you can do.

ThePaleGreenPants · 16/11/2023 15:51

Thank you, I never thought of that. I’m now starting to think could it be down to a gluten allergy. All the doctors told me very unlikely but now I’m starting to think it could be?

OP posts:
ThePaleGreenPants · 16/11/2023 17:38

They did and she had one but she took antibiotics, pain went away and pain is back with no uti

OP posts:
Soberfutures · 16/11/2023 17:42

My childgets this with low calcium and vit d. Has she been tested

Divebar2021 · 16/11/2023 17:43

My first thought was a UTI ( in relation to the back pain anyway). I’ve had kidney infections twice and both had back pain but in my flank…. Once it was a shooting pain and once a solid pain. In addition I felt horribly ill. You can buy urine strips to test the urine and cross it off the list of possibilities anyway. Good luck…. It sounds awful.

ThePaleGreenPants · 16/11/2023 17:59

She’s having her vitamin D checked, so I’ll keep my eye open for results

OP posts:
ThePaleGreenPants · 16/11/2023 18:02

How do you test for that? She’s getting referred to ENT so maybe they can give me some answers

OP posts:
ThePaleGreenPants · 16/11/2023 18:03

I just don’t know if these symptoms are linked or totally different problems, just so frustrating not having answers.

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