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Blood glucose tests for reluctant child

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Fearforfriend · 16/11/2023 09:34

Hi all,

My DS (aged 4) has an endocrine condition which is likely to be ketotic hypoglycaemia (waiting on results of a recent prolonged fasting test). In short he gets low blood sugar very quickly, in the diagnostic fast it went to 2.5 in 10 hours.

I have been asked to do a finger prick each morning. However, after having them so often at hospital, DS has decided he HATES these and will never have one again … his words! Does anyone have any advice on how to do these on a very reluctant child (think screaming and thrashing ☹️)

I have tried the following;
Pricking Teddy / me first
sticker charts
Pricking while asleep … this really did not go well

I have to do this as his hypos can be very dangerous to him but as a single mum it’s tricky to hold him down / still while also administering the test. If I have to I will but I was just wondering if anyone may have had the same issue and found a good way to do it.

thanks in advance.

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