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Help! Giant Verruca!

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Jazz48235 · 15/11/2023 23:56

Hi all,

My 9 year old son has a very large (over 1cm) verruca on the bottom of his foot.
We have tried everything to get rid of it but it just won't budge.
It's very painful, sometimes bleeds and is causing issues with activities such as swimming..
I would really like to get this thing sorted for him.

I've tried bazuka.

Does anyone have any advice?
I couldn't say how long it's been there, maybe close to a year, maybe longer. It's only been a real issue in the last 6 months or so.


OP posts:
AvocadoSurprise · 16/11/2023 00:05

Get some salactol from the chemist. It's the only thing I have ever found to work. Soak the foot every evening, file off dead bits with an emery board then paint a bit on being careful to avoid surrounding skin. My daughter had a similar one on the side of her foot & it fell off within a few weeks. Have used it several times - never fails.

JamMakingWannaBe · 16/11/2023 00:36

What strength bazuka are you using? Our bog standard one was doing nothing, but I found an old super strength one in my Mum's bathroom cabinet and despite it being 3 years out-of-date, it practically worked overnight.

Emanresu9 · 16/11/2023 00:40

Agree with previous poster. I had the same, for almost a year. Could barely walk it was so sore. Bazuka did nothing. I bought some double strength Bazuka and applied it religiously every night. Only thing that worked. I’d even had it frozen at the GP and that didn’t work! If you can use a pumice stone and soak the foot in warm water before applying the Bazuka again every day that helps.

CeciledeVolangesdeNouveau · 16/11/2023 00:44

I had one which was actually a huge cluster of seven separate ones as a teenager which hung around for six years, probably because it coincided with my anorexia so my immune system was low. It covered almost the entire ball of my foot. Super-strength bazuka didn’t work but I kept putting some form of it on the whole time because it protected other people and it also seemed to make them less sensitive and vulnerable to damage.

PennyFleck · 16/11/2023 00:45

The freezing thing in a pen from the chemist. About £20 but works immediately first time.

mrsfollowill · 16/11/2023 00:54

Have you tried the freezing thing? DH has a massive one years ago- none of the gels etc worked or filing but the freeze Bazuka did the trick in the end. We had to go way over the top in times used etc but it eventually lifted out . Was truly massive and left a hole in his foot which healed well once it was gone.

Got2getout · 16/11/2023 01:00

The freezing pen worked for DD but was painful.

The next time we used the Scholl gel and it was great. No pain, no filing and it went away pretty quickly.

Luzina · 16/11/2023 01:02
MCTorridWaffles · 16/11/2023 01:06

I was going to say check that your nine year old’s diet, sleep and exercise are all on course as these things can affect your immunity.

Tryingtryingandtrying · 16/11/2023 01:22

Try homeopathic thuja

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