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Intermittent temperature

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Oliviaaaaaaaa · 14/11/2023 19:33

im the biggest worrier when it comes to health so want to try settle my mind if I can..

I have a 22 month old little boy.
since saturday just gone, he started showing a body temp of between 36.9-37.2 (usually it sits between 36.4-36.6 consistently)
it come down with calpol back to normal.. which I gave as he is showing signs of cutting his canine teeth (they haven’t cut through yet, but can see clearly under the gum, hands in mouth, but dribbly, short fused occasionally, moaning in sleep a little and running slightly warm and has been snotty) on Sunday the same.. but nothing over night again. Nothing at all Monday (he was at nursery all day and they check temps regularly) and then Monday evening and this morning around 37.2 again (wasn’t over dressed and house is cool around 18/19 degrees)

come 3pm today, nursery phoned and temp went from 37.5-39.1 within an hour of them monitoring. He then threw up I assume due to the increase in temp. He’s had nurofen and temp is 37. Still talking away, pointing out cars, asking for chocolate, eaten okay this evening. But I’m soooo confused why his temp has been boarderline a temperature since Saturday intermittently and then today BAM full on temperature.. does this sound normal for a viral infection?

his dad has him tonight.. and I’m just worried beyond belief.
I don’t want to miss something if he is really poorly, or needs antibiotics or a trip to the dr or hospital..

has anyone experienced a brewing temp for a few days and then the real temp kicks in?
I know drs say to leave it 3-5 days and anything over that is warranting a trip to be seen.. so when do I count it from? Nursery said Saturday as it was creeping up and may have gone higher than 37.2 but I obviously gave calpol (will had his last dose of calpol was before bed, then not again until late morning and was fine?) but what is everyone’s thoughts?

gosh the feeling we have to protect them at all costs! I hate this time of year ☹️

pic of his canines under gum attached

thank you

Intermittent temperature
Intermittent temperature
Intermittent temperature
Intermittent temperature
OP posts:
Aklein38 · 21/02/2024 22:40

@Oliviaaaaaaaa did you ever get to the bottom of this? My 21 DS has also been ill recently with temperatures and they have remained borderline. We are also seeing his canines come through so wondering if that could be it too. Did your son's temp settle after the teeth came in?

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