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Chicken pox vaccine news

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webuiltthiscityonrockandwheat · 14/11/2023 10:56

The news is saying that the chicken pox vaccine might become part of the routine vaccination program. Im totally for this, I had both DC vaccinated as babies but I know some people aren't in favour of it at all. Wondered what the thought is on Mumsnet?

OP posts:
TrashedSofa · 14/11/2023 11:31

Great news. The rationale about shingles was always shonky anyway.

ClockHolly · 14/11/2023 11:31

I just came on here to post the same! I’m totally in favour of it and had my DC vaccinated.

Mamato29192 · 14/11/2023 11:32

Good to know

MaggieFS · 14/11/2023 12:06

Good news. Now just need the magic money tree to start sprouting.

MrsJellybee · 14/11/2023 12:08

Great news. I had my daughter vaccinated privately as a baby. It’s right it will be available on the NHS.

Caesium137 · 14/11/2023 12:16

Excellent news. Been routine in many countries for years. It was always about cost for NHS. The shingles argument is weak. They must have reassessed the benefits overall finally make the cost worthwhile.

If I had known about it when mine were little I would have paid. When you add up cost of lost wages etc and worry for impact on plans when it hits then it's worth it's weight in gold. Even before the benefits of reducing risk to the kids who have severe cases. And the pain and discomfort even in regular cases. It was horrible to see my DDs go through it.

SM4713 · 14/11/2023 12:18

About time- considering the UK is one of the last countries to make it part of the childhood vaccination programme!

TrashedSofa · 14/11/2023 12:21

MaggieFS · 14/11/2023 12:06

Good news. Now just need the magic money tree to start sprouting.

Interestingly, part of the rationale for the new rec is that the extent of kids hospitalisations due to varicella, and therefore the cost of not offering the vaccine, has been underestimated.

mimi0708 · 14/11/2023 12:24

About time, this is offered in many countries. I had mine vaccinated privately as I only had it as an adult and did not catch it as a child and it was horrible. Also, they can have it severe and thinking about having to take time off, it just makes sense to have them vaccinated to avoid all these.

MaggieFS · 14/11/2023 13:38

@TrashedSofa That is interesting. I looked into this at length for DC and always felt the only reasonable argument could have been cost. Now that's gone too, good news for children.

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