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Orange/red oil drops whilst pooping. (GOOGLE IMAGE ATTACHED)

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HJx · 14/11/2023 09:41

My child has been complaining of pain in the lower abdominal area and along her side. When she went for a poo yesterday, I noticed when I had wiped orange liquid on the toilet paper which prompted me to look down the toilet finding loads of orange/red oil looking drops all around the toilet. The photo I have attached is NOT my daughter’s but a photo I found from Google which is the exact same. Has anyone any idea of what could be causing it????

Orange/red oil drops whilst pooping. (GOOGLE IMAGE ATTACHED)
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Blossomandblooms · 14/11/2023 10:42

Hi @HJx - IMO go straight to the docs / A&E. That isn't normal. Are you sure it's not pale red like blood? How old is your DD? Could it be a period? If she is having pain and it is definitely not a period, I would def seek medical advice.

HJx · 14/11/2023 10:46

Hi - defo not a period as too young. It definitely wasn’t blood.. it was exactly as you see in the photo. Oil like and a bright orangey red. Very strange. Thank you for your response!

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PeanutCat1 · 14/11/2023 10:57

I had this when I was taking a fat binder medication, obviously your child won't be but I would be concerned that there could be an issue with her digestive system, would recommend that you get her an appointment as soon as possible with the GP. Hope she gets sorted soon!

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