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3 year old starting wetting self and drinking lots

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grumpyyorkshiremum · 13/11/2023 20:58

over the past week my 3 year old daughter has started wetting her self she only wets her self one or twice a day and then once of twice a night so around 4 times a day, before this she was potty trained fully for 6 months no accidents. I've also noticed her asking for more drinks than usual, my first thought is diabetes and I'm going to make her an appointment in the morning with the doctors. had anyone else experienced similar?

Thanks in advance

OP posts:
gamerchick · 13/11/2023 21:02

My first thought was diabetes. You can get testing kits from a pharmacy or maybe they can test her to get a quicker result if no luck at the GP for a quick appointment.

PosyPrettyToes · 13/11/2023 21:04

I would have concerns about type 1 diabetes - definitely speak to the gp asap

susiedaisy1912 · 13/11/2023 21:06

I also think diabetes but also a uti?

grumpyyorkshiremum · 13/11/2023 21:24

yeh I also considered a uni as well, she's also not had as much energy as usual

OP posts:
Windy1234 · 13/11/2023 21:25

My first thoughts are type one, not to worry you but I would consider taking her in to be seen tonight. If you are saying she has less energy than usual too. Better to be safe x

nocoolnamesleft · 13/11/2023 21:28

I'd get her seen tonight. The possibility of type 1 diabetes is not something to take lightly.

Bimblesalong · 13/11/2023 21:30

If you are concerned about t1 this is urgent. Don’t muck about with finger prick tests first.

I do hope it’s a uti but:

do you smell an odd smell on her breath (like pear drops)?

has she lost weight?

is she more lethargic and grumpy lately?

Watch for very shallow rapid breathing which is a sign urgent help is needed.
also, is her skin drier, eg on her hands, as it’s a sign of dehydration.

get her seen asap, consider tonight as other posters have said.

Soontobe60 · 13/11/2023 21:31

Does her wee smell or look cloudy? If you don’t give her a drink, does she seem to crave one? My 3 year old granddaughter can sometimes wet herself if she’s drunk lots, and tends to drink more when she’s been running around a lot and gets warm.

grumpyyorkshiremum · 13/11/2023 21:57

yes she keeps asking for drinks more than normal, her behaviour has been more naughtier than usual more not listening getting frustrated, not noticed any breath smell or urine differences.

OP posts:
Bimblesalong · 13/11/2023 22:00

The breath smell happened at the end of a lead up to us for this in ds. He used to fall asleep after school and was very highly strung (we know now that his blood sugars were very high and that he felt ill).

Pinkpinkpink15 · 13/11/2023 22:12

I'd think diabetes too (sorry)

I diabetic & when my levels aren't good. I can't stop drinking (luckily I like water) & I can wee as usual most of the times, but sometimes cannot control it & cannot put it off at all & occasionally end up wetting myself. I'm very careful about where I go when things are bad.

Watch out if she's itchy too. Use water wipes if she is and make extra sure she's wiping from the top down, not upwards.

the rest of my skin gets dry too & im extra tired sometimes completely wiped out.

its a shit condition to have, I do hope it's not what's up xx

BertieBotts · 13/11/2023 22:17

Yes needs a diabetes check. Your GP can do it.

grumpyyorkshiremum · 13/11/2023 22:35

thank you for the help I will be taking her first thing in the morning and if she deteriorates I will take her tonight

OP posts:
Bimblesalong · 14/11/2023 13:58

I hope you’ve been able to have these concerns investigated OP. How is she doing today?

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