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Severe reaction to the 16 week vaccine

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shininglight16 · 13/11/2023 18:31

My baby had her 16 week vaccine which also included the Men B vaccine (Bexsero) and she's had such an adverse reaction to it. She has a big bruise on her thigh which has seemed to become a hard lump and this has happened a week after she was vaccinated. She developed fever as well, and was detected with covid simultaneously.

I'm so upset, we travelled after her vaccination and are currently in Spain where her grandparents stay. She's admitted in hospital and the infection doesn't seem to come down yet. She's on antibiotics and drips at the moment.

Please can someone shed light if their baby went through something similar and did they get ok after that? I'm really stressed i don't want anything to happen to my baby.

Please help 🙏

OP posts:
Robotik · 13/11/2023 19:31

Hi I’m a paeds nurse.

A bruise and a hard lump and fever aren’t really huge reactions to the vaccine but it’s unclear from your post exactly why she’s in hospital? She has an infection - do you know what?

Superscientist · 13/11/2023 20:27

My daughter has a strong immune response to the menB part of the 4 month jabs. She screamed continuously and I mean 50-55 minutes of every hour for 3 full days. We were seen by the HV, had 3 GP appointments and had a trip to peads over the course of 8h. Even though it was December and snowing we turned up in paeds with her just in a nappy as she was too distressed to get dressed.

We never found out why it caused her such a reaction. She had severe reflux that was being undertreated at the time and undiagnosed food allergies which they think made her reaction worse. When she had her 1 year jabs she had 1 a month over 6 months with logistics which is how we know it was the menB as the same thing happened again but slightly less intense

shininglight16 · 13/11/2023 21:33

@Robotik the doctors have said her blood analysis shows an infection. Can I send you a photo of the bruise and lump? It's really bad does not look normal at all. She cries in pain.

OP posts:
Soontobe60 · 13/11/2023 21:38

What is the reason she’s in hospital though? If she’s tested positive for Covid, presumably that’s why she has infection?

shininglight16 · 13/11/2023 21:54

She's in hospital as her swelling has become really bad and there's a lump as well on the injection site. She's also come down with covid simultaneously. She's on antibiotics, due to the infection.

When she was born, we were also on antibiotics as they had suspected sepsis since my labour was longer than 24 hours. My waters broke and they waited 24 hours for the contractions to intensify but they didn't
That meant that I had to be induced and then taken to labour. The whole duration from waters breaking to giving birth was 33 hours. They took a urine sample which was smelling due to which they kept us under observation and put us on antibiotics immediately. They said we didn't have any infection after 2 days (we were in hospital over the weekend and they couldn't get results then) so we were discharged. The whole experience was traumatic and I'm worried my baby has a history of infection or something that has led to such severe swelling at the injection site? I don't trust the midwives at the hospital I have birth, they were horrendous and pretty clueless! They haven't stitched my perineal tear either and I'm still experiencing bladder incontinence, it's very embarrassing!!

I feel like crying post partum has been tough and my in-laws have only made me feel worse.

OP posts:
Fantasia99 · 13/11/2023 21:55

Sounds like it's a coincidence that she's developed an infection after she's had her jabs.

shininglight16 · 13/11/2023 21:58

Also I'd like to mention that the vaccine was administered on 3rd November. The swelling began about a week later around the 9th/10th Nov.

OP posts:
Fantasia99 · 13/11/2023 22:01

shininglight16 · 13/11/2023 21:58

Also I'd like to mention that the vaccine was administered on 3rd November. The swelling began about a week later around the 9th/10th Nov.

Have the hospital staff mot explained to you what they think might be going on?

shininglight16 · 17/11/2023 01:20

Hi @Robotik can I share a photo? And @Fantasia99 so the thing is after the vaccination we travelled to Spain, that's where my parents live. We got my baby admitted in the hospital here and yes they are investigating. Lots of pus and blood came out, the swelling has subsided a lot as well but the whole area looks like a hematoma still. It needs to heal.

I just realized the nurse that administered the vaccine did not clean the vaccination site and did not use gloves, nothing. Would bacteria have entered the site due to that? I will sue them for medical negligence, they're pretty pathetic anyway!

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