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Desmopressin tablets

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elliejjtiny · 13/11/2023 17:00

How do you take them? I thought swallow them with water but the Dr said it was really important not to drink any water after taking them because it could cause awful side affects, permanent damage of organs and other scary stuff.

Ds was on the 240mg of the melt under the tongue ones but it's now been upped to 400mg of normal tablets.

OP posts:
WithOneLook · 13/11/2023 22:19

Really. We've had desmopressen for years for a learning disabled adult and never been warned of any awful side effects (except those associated with long term use). The not drinking water after is logistical was my understanding as the desmopressen reduces the urgency/ability to wee. A mouthful of water to take a tablet isn't going to have a huge impact on that where as a pint glass just before bed is going to test most people's bladder. For info, unless unavailable, which it has been periodically over the last decade (when we've used tablets instead), we use a nasal spray.

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