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My daughter has chicken pox, can I still have tattoo appointment

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Wmoejg · 13/11/2023 15:23

My daughter has chicken pox, I've also had it (as a kid) as has my partner. My partner is due to have our daughter tomorrow whilst I was out for a couple of hours.
I had a tattoo booked for tomorrow, and have reached out to the artist to let them know about my daughter but don't know if there's any reason not to go ahead with the appointment, other than if the artist has a weakened immune system, young children at home, is pregnant.
Is there any risk with the appointment? I've given them the choice to cancel the appointment / not go ahead given the circumstances

OP posts:
OctogenarianDecathlete · 13/11/2023 18:01

You don't have chicken pox so it'll be fine.

Just don't bring the child with you to the appointment.

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