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Sore between toes - if it quacks like a duck?

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Blessedbethefruitz · 12/11/2023 22:32

Dd almost 2 has red patches and skin rubbing off between toes 2 and 3, and 3 and 4, on both feet. It's at the tips of the toes, not the base near the folds. I've googled athletes foot, thrush pics etc, and it's definitely not that. Doesn't look like eczema or anything inflamed like that either.

She's been complaining about her shoes, could they really be making her sore there instead of on the sides? They're not too small length ways, but maybe they've suddenly flattened and gotten wider? She's still a novice walker I'd say, a little unsteady. Maybe she's scrunching or something?

She's bare foot indoors always. I'm switching her to some emergency size up shoes for the week and taking her to be measured again at the weekend. She's my second and I thought I'd seen it all, but this one is weird.

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BrokenCheese · 12/11/2023 22:42

If they are too narrow and are pressing her toes causing them to rub together, or her nails to rub, it could be the shoes.
I had an issue with Clark’s one time as Toddler Dc was falling down and not able to walk just 2 weeks after getting new shoes. A different store remeasured him and said he was a size bigger & a measurement wider. Walked fine in new shoes, he had wide feet so ones too narrow caused rubbing & pain.

DustyLee123 · 13/11/2023 07:19

Yes, they would rub in the ends of her toes.
Mine get sore if I cut my nails too short, are her nails not too long/short ?

Frostine · 13/11/2023 07:23

When she has a bath , are you drying between her toes ?
if she has pudgy feet water might collect there and cause them to get sore.
Make sure they are dry and try a couple of days of putting talc on her feet to keep them extra dry.

Blessedbethefruitz · 13/11/2023 12:24

Thanks, some good ideas here. I don't think her nails are too long or too short, but they're so tiny, I guess they could be too short? I've removed the shoes. Glad to see nothing obvious and terrifying popping up from posters!

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