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Blood test results

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raffathegaffa · 12/11/2023 22:11


Can anyone tell me what blood tests highlighted in red on a GP’s system might mean please?
I took DD for blood tests a while ago and all came back normal, except when I went for her about a separate issue he brought the results up on screen and said all normal but I noticed a few were highlighted in red?
Just for a bit of backstory I have leukaemia myself and I also suffer from health anxiety, DD has recurrent infections and is now complaining of stomach pain so I’m going out of my mind with worry.

The blood tests I believe included a FBC

Thanks for your help

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BrokenCheese · 12/11/2023 22:16

It means something is out of the ‘normal’ range. It could be such a tiny amount out of range ( like .1) that it would automatically highlight red but, taken with results/symptoms as a whole, be considered normal or satisfactory.

raffathegaffa · 12/11/2023 22:22

Thank you, I wish I had just asked the GP there and then when I noticed it but hindsight is a wonderful thing!

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Blossomandblooms · 13/11/2023 10:13

Hi @raffathegaffa - I would call your GP and ask if they can talk the results through with you., just for your own peace of mind. My DC have to have routine blood tests for an autoimmune disease and I remember when DS was little he had a blood test and the GP showed me the screen and lots of results were in red; he said not to be panicked by the red because the results were still OK. I hope you are OK but definitely speak with your GP.

Also, as a side note, my DC have stomach pains and often it is nothing to worry about (for my DC, they were eventually tested positive for coeliac disease). My niece also had stomach pains and it turned out she had a swollen lymph node in her tummy.

raffathegaffa · 13/11/2023 19:32

Thank you I appreciate this, I’ll ask them to hopefully reassure me next time we go 😄

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