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tinygigolo · 10/11/2023 13:57

Has anyone found a foolproof way of getting rid of nits?

I've got two primary ages girls with fine blonde hair and I feel like we've had the bastard things non stop for about 2 years. I've tried every over the counter treatment going, I comb every day but they will go for a couple of weeks then it turns out I missed an egg and they are back.

Can the GP help or is this destined to be my life until they are teenagers?

OP posts:
MargaretThursday · 10/11/2023 15:49


I have two girls, one with tight curls and the other with waist length thick hair.
I found the with the curls they were impossible totally comb out and the thick hair impossible to guarantee, even with a couple of bottles, that you'd totally soaked it.

So it's listerine mouthwash. Pour it over dry hair until totally soaked. Put under a shower cap for 15 minutes. Comb through and wash off as normal. Do it again on day 5 and day 10.

The nits just float off. I used to joke they'd got drunk on it. It's much cheaper than the nit treatment, much nicer smelling than the nit treatment (and ds reacted to Hedrin too) and more effective for them. Win all round.

I often did it again at about day 15 just to check, but we rarely, if ever, found any nits after the 2nd treatment. It was so much nicer for them than anything else we found.

Kelcourt · 15/11/2023 19:01

Where abouts are you based as I'm a nit nurse based in buckhurst hill Essex xx

Moominmoko · 15/11/2023 19:12

Oh god they really are the worst. We've just had them in our house and seem to have got rid of them. Well, we've had clear combing for 2 weeks so I'm hopeful.

We used hedrin once then kept combing every 2 days for a week, then every 3/4 days for a week. With 3 long haired dd's and a dh with longer hair than all of us it literally took 5 hours to get everyone done, bloody nightmare. We found one tiny poorly looking louse after the treatment and a few eggs which I think we're dead. We comb the kids every Sunday now just to check.

I guess the problem is they are rife in schools so they just catch the buggers again. Hair must be tied up for school and I've started using the vosene defence spray, don't know if it does anything but makes me feel a bit better.

I wish I could just de flea them like I do the cats!

WhamBamThankU · 15/11/2023 19:44

Washing up liquid suffocates them. Doesn't leave the hair greasy like a lot of bit shampoos either.

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