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Worried surgeon felt something in sons abdomen anyone

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user1467973151 · 08/11/2023 16:47

I am posting this while feeling very worried about my 14 year old son.
He started with some discomfort in abdomen whilst playing football a few weeks back.
Then 2 weeks ago told me that he felt a swelling in his lower left abdomen.
A few days later while being referred by gp for ultrasound he played football and came off with very bad abdominal and left testicle pain.
The urology surgeons arranged an ultrasound which showed no torsion but a varicocele which they said they wouldn't expect and some fluid in pelvic area which would be unusual in a teen male.
He since then began having lots of digestive issues belching continuously after food, regurgitate ing food then also vomitting.
Urology gave him antibiotics and general surgeon examined him and said that he could feel something in left abdomen. That was yesterday.
He was booked onto children's ward to have a ct scan this morning but have now been told that radiology want to do mri instead which will ve in day or so.
Has anyone any experience of these symptoms as I am now really worried especially as the surgeon said that he was confident it was not a hernia. I am now worried it could be something much worse especially as he is complaining of feeling exhausted and generally unwell when he is usually a very active boy.

OP posts:
Blossomandblooms · 09/11/2023 10:49

No advice @user1467973151 but a handhold. I was thinking along the lines of a hernia also. I hope you get a clear answer soon x

user1467973151 · 09/11/2023 11:47

Thank you, he has his mri this afternoonx

OP posts:
Blossomandblooms · 09/11/2023 11:51

Thinking of you and hoping all is OK and nothing to worry about xx

ShaunaM · 09/11/2023 12:23

I hope all goes well. Sounds like he’s getting all the scans he needs x

sodabreadjam · 09/11/2023 13:11

Good luck to your DS with the scans. I hope it is something that can be fixed easily.

Sugarfree23 · 09/11/2023 13:18

Offering a handhold, sounds like he's damaged something inside. Fingers 🤞 it's a fairly easy fix.

CJ7 · 09/11/2023 13:33

Sending good wishes.

Sugarfree23 · 09/11/2023 22:53

Any update Op? thinking about you

TheSeasonalNameChange · 09/11/2023 23:07

We had a similar situation with a much smaller son and it was just an infection. I remember how awful it felt waiting to find out. Sending good wishes 💐

Poppsidoppsi · 10/11/2023 06:40

Hoping for the best for your DS, @user1467973151.

CormorantStrikesBack · 10/11/2023 06:47

Hope it was good news yesterday

Blossomandblooms · 10/11/2023 10:12

Thinking of you and your DS @user1467973151 x

user1467973151 · 13/11/2023 15:31

Thanks for all the well wishes and sorry for being so slow to get back with an update.
He had his mri, this didn't find anything except some fluid in his abdomen. They have referred him back to urology to speak to them about the possibility that the varicocele could be a contributing factor.
But luckily he went from laying on the bed motionless to playing football completely pain free and feeling good in himself over the past few days.
The Dr thought that the fluid could be due to an infection and withing 2 days of taking the antibiotics really improved so hopefully that was the cause and that we will have no more bother for him.😀

OP posts:
FortofPud · 13/11/2023 15:39

What a incredible relief that must be for you!

Sugarfree23 · 13/11/2023 15:55

What an amazing update. I thought he'd ruptured something. Glad he's OK.

crazypavingstar · 13/11/2023 21:40

That's fab news x

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