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Children's health

Evidence for efficacy of probiotics in children?

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LadyoftheLavaLamp · 20/10/2023 20:25

Does anyone know of any credible scientific literature on this that they could point me towards? Or even better summarise?

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MaloneMeadow · 20/10/2023 23:48

Why do you want it? We only give probiotics to DD as and when she needs them - so if she’s had an upset tummy, diarrhoea etc or if she’s taking antibiotics. Always does the trick in settling her GI system down again but I don’t see a reason to take them on a day to day basis

LadyoftheLavaLamp · 21/10/2023 19:30

I was trying to find out if they would help with preventing winter bugs - on the basis that gut health and immune system is closely linked

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Emanresu9 · 14/11/2023 05:20


NoSquirrels · 14/11/2023 05:38

Most of the info on probiotics for children says to only use if they’re suffering a GI upset. There’s a section in the article above on studies tracking prevention of picking up bugs in childcare.

Concentrating on a great diet is considered better for children (but obviously not reassuring if you have a picky eater! In which case a multivitamin type supplement designed for kids is a good idea anyway).

stayathomer · 14/11/2023 06:29

Do you mean probiotics such as actimel or the ones you get in the pharmacy when they’re on antibiotics though? Actimel etc we were once told are more about a bit of a sugar boost with a few ‘nice’ ingredients for a jump start in the morning. The ones in the pharmacy gave my 11yo a huge boost when we had a few weeks of a bit of a scary bout of something they never fully figured out (seemed like Covid but yes sting negative, was lethargic, weak with a cough, sore throat and temp), but I’m not sure how long term they are or whether they should be taken if not sick

Caspianberg · 14/11/2023 06:42

We give Ds daily microbiotics

There’s studies helping gut bacteria can help with Allergies. Ds has severe nut allergies, and we were recommended by hospital allergist. Whether it’s helped or not, his allergy levels the last 2 years seem to be dropping (blood test results)

You can use them when child’s been ill also to boost. We will continue even if we don’t do daily. This one we use is a powder so I just mix 1/2 spoon in glass milk

Bio360 Kidz Pro-5 (5 Billion Bacteria)

Bacteria are an important part of the microbiome, with scientists continuing to explore the positive influence a healthy microbiome has on your overall health and wellbeing. Bacteria, which are able to survive the acidic conditions of your gut, are pro...

unexpectedalliances · 14/11/2023 07:06

On the back of the above poster, it's proven to reduce the time frame to outgrow allergies (if the child is likely to outgrow them).

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