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Reaction to 1 year jabs (with pic)

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Datanerd · 27/09/2023 17:30

My baby just had his 1 year jabs yesterday, his leg has really swollen up near the injection site and is warm. Is this normal?
He doesn't have a temperature, but he is fussy and crying a bit.

Reaction to 1 year jabs (with pic)
OP posts:
TheGriffle · 27/09/2023 17:33

My dd had similar with her 4 year jabs they have before they start school. Her arm was bright red in a big circle around the injection site and warm to the touch. I circled round it and saw a gp who prescribed antibiotics as a precaution and said for her to take them if it grew significantly in the next day or two. It didn’t grow so she didn’t need them thankfully and after a few days it went down.

Datanerd · 27/09/2023 18:56

Thank you @TheGriffle I'll keep an eye on him tonight and see how he is in the morning. Poor little legs!

OP posts:
Datanerd · 28/09/2023 17:02

The swelling got worse. I ended up calling the GP who has prescribed antibiotics to be cautious, but isn't 100% sure if it's an injection or not.
This will be my baby's third dose of antibiotics and I really don't want to give them, but I've reluctantly given the first dose. Did your daughter's look as bad as this @TheGriffle ?

Anyone else seem a reaction like this and it been normal?

Reaction to 1 year jabs (with pic)
OP posts:
Datanerd · 28/09/2023 17:32

If it's an infection* or not

OP posts:
TheGriffle · 28/09/2023 19:03

Ah bless, hers covered almost the whole of her upper arm before it started going down. Could you draw round like we did and see if it grows? If it does quickly then I’d consider giving the antibiotics.

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