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Will GP check thyroid?

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ggmom87 · 27/09/2023 17:13

I have reasons to suspect my DD might have some thyroid issues. Low energy, very rapid weight gain with no changes in diet or lifestyle, chronic constipation etc . If I were to ask the GP for bloodwork for her would they likely accommodate? I am new to the UK and the NHS and I’m not sure how it works here. Can I just ask for something like this?

OP posts:
ThatsMeTold · 27/09/2023 23:06

You can request it, whether they feel it’s necessary is another matter, but I know the ones at my surgery would happily add it.

mycatsanutter · 27/09/2023 23:07

Make a GP appointment and they will decide what bloods are needed

Bananaandmarmite · 27/09/2023 23:08

Definitely ask.
I hope they listen to you. How old is she? My daughter has hypothyroidism.

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