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CMPA - Congestion

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Elliebaring · 27/09/2023 07:15

first time mum here & just looking for some
advice really.
i have a nearly 7 week old, born via c-section and since around 2 weeks old he has been sooo congested, i have taken him to a&e and the doctors and they all keep telling me i just need to ride it out and it will go on its own.
he has been on aptimal pepti 1 for nearly 2 weeks now however, it hasnt seemed to help any of his symptoms apart from the rash he has had and his congestion is the worst it has ever been, it used to mainly just night time but now its day & night, i have tried everything possible that his allowed to help him but nothing seems to be working.
Not sire if it's reflux and the thinner milk has made it worse or if he needs a complete non cow milk milk.
has anyone else had this?

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