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Dropped the baby and falling down stairs

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CircusIsInTown · 27/09/2023 03:16

Soo iv been googling this on and off since it happened.
DDis 7yrs.old now.
When DD was 6 days old I was.home and I'd walked across the my.friends house with her in my arms.i mean directly across the road.
I had a drop attack on my friends drive way and when I came too my baby was quite a distance from me 3maybe 4 feet away on her back on concrete. My.mum called an ambulance n we hospital.
DD, was given a BASIC concussion.check and sent home, after.4.hours

They didn't even bother checking me.over- charmed I'm sure.

Come age 1 she wasn't.forming words but she was up and chasing her big sister.
Come age 2 her grip wasn't coming along and her attention.for things like reading well. And like most.two yr olds she was clumsy but then she was EXTRA at it. A typical two yr old. May.trip over and scrape their.knees mine would trip up and turn herself into a 🥨.
So I'm gonna skip a bit here but safe to say I. Between.then and now she is 7yrs old we have,
Cognitive development delays
Speach delays
Movement.and co ordination delays.
She does dizzy, feels faint.and nauseated.
Tired lethargic weak.
Confirmed hyoermobility
She is ?ASD?ADHD
And keeps going dizzy ans falling top to bottom.down the stakes - rolly Polly style.
She has done this twice in 4 weeks and even when we take hospital they do no. scans no X rays
.the typical 4.hour concussion check and go home....

Can the drop as a baby caused something.akin to shaken baby?
And the repeated.trips slips and falls down the stairs cause.truanatic.brain injury -

Would triamatic Brian injury that hasn't been monitored potentially cause all these extra issue.we.are.having?
What should the hospital have down both as a baby and now,?

I may be barking.uo a dead tree here.

The autisitc autism mum

OP posts:
Worriedaboutpp · 27/09/2023 03:26

I know this isn't the response you're looking for, but you need a referral to a paediatric neurologist. Even someone that specialises in these disorders would only be able to guess from your Web post and without examining your daughter and doing more tests. Please take any responses on here where people give possible causes/ diagnoses as just guesses. You mention your "drop attack" you had. Without knowing the cause of this (blood pressure? Epilepsy?), there could be a hereditary element, rather than trauma. A properly qualified person will ask the right questions to ensure the correct causality and diagnoses are made.

SuperLoudPoppingAction · 27/09/2023 04:24

As above, it is important to get a medical opinion from an expert.
But also, the things you mention could well be co-occurring conditions that are common for autistic people, such as dyspraxia.

EliflurtleTripanInfinite · 27/09/2023 04:46

Have the delays been investigated?

Given you said Autism mum is she Autistic? not sure if the question marks meant not sure. My DC are all Autistic, one could tick off a few of these, but not falling down the stairs. He did have a broad range of delays 18-24 months with speech, gross motor, fine motor, social and cognitive delays at 5 years, but is pretty much caught up at 8 years old. He's done a lot of therapy over those 3.5 years. My DD falls a bit, so do I, it's due to hypermobility for both of us. My DS has specific areas of hypermobility which made learning to write very hard for him. They don't understand why yet but a lot of chronic illnesses seem to have some genetic overlap with ADHD and ASD. Things like Ehlers danlos syndrome, which could account for the hypermobility. I have a related condition. Fwiw I agree fully with PPs that no one is going to have the knowledge to give you an answer on here, these are more in the way of some thoughts on it. The fall may have been something or nothing. Most doctors I've dealt with in ED erred on the side of a lot of extra caution when babies are involved, so I would be surprised if they missed something that badly.

If you haven't already I'd be starting with a paediatrician and be looking for a referral to various specialists, speech therapist, Occupational or physiotherapist for help with the movement and coordination delays, developmental paediatrician if you have those in the UK and pediatric neurologist. You need to find the right specialist to get to the bottom of what's going on and that can be a long process and a bit luck of the draw. .I'd keep pushing trying different avenues till you get answers.

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