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Worried about toddler headaches

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Mummabear10032021 · 26/09/2023 19:36

Hey mums,
Is it unusual for a toddler to get headaches? A few times today my 2 and a half year old keeps randomly whinging and hold the left side of his head as if he's getting darts into it? He's flying it a few seconds later. I wonder could it be a headache or ear ache? I'll take him to the gp tomorrow but my hypochondria is coming out big time 😭 thinking the worst. He's not able to express exactly what he's feeling? Thanks
A worried mom

OP posts:
Somuchgoo · 26/09/2023 19:41

As a one off I wouldn't be too worried, though might be a sign of ear infection.

If it goes on for a couple of weeks, if it's worse in the morning, accompanied by vomiting or there are other symptoms of concern (like balance, motor skills etc) then start being very pushy for things like a scan. Its best to be cautious about these things (and yes, I'm very much talking from experience here).

But even I wouldn't be worried on day 1.

Hope he's alright.

Somuchgoo · 26/09/2023 19:43

Can he communicate where it hurts btw? My daughter was the same age when she had headaches, and she was very verbal for her age but she was able to articulate where was hurting etc.

Dont put words in his mouth, but he may be able to tell you more than you think.

Songbird74 · 30/09/2023 08:16

How is your LO doing now, OP? My DD had headaches from an early age (usually forehead) and they began around Christmas time when she was 4. I was so worried, especially as hers would sometimes be in the morning, which is a red flag. She’s still headachey now, aged 8. My DS (10) has had a handful but usually I find that the headaches coincide with illnesses / tiredness / too much sugar. We’ve seen the doctors (and paediatricians) several times as I was so worried but no one has ever thought they were anything more than “simple” headaches. I hope your boy is feeling better x

Songbird74 · 30/09/2023 08:34

And totally agree with @Somuchgoo with her points re: red flag signs

Rocknrollstar · 30/09/2023 08:51

I had severe headaches from an early age. I was regularly at the optician for eye tests. Later in life I realised these were migraines caused by an allergy to eggs.

Somuchgoo · 30/09/2023 08:54

I'm going to put the flags etc here.
I'll see if it's visible as it's quite a lot in a screenshot!

Just to say, I'm not sharing this because I think there's necessarily anything wrong, but because you are clearly worried, and because brains need a precautionary approach.

With my child it was a tumour (low grade thankfully) but her symptoms were over weeks, not days. I'd keep a very very close eye on it

Worried about toddler headaches
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