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1 week post vaccinations

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Mummatodaisy · 26/09/2023 18:26

Hi everyone!

My daughter had her 3rd round of vaccinations on Thursday morning she is 7 months and had them late as we were in the US for 3 months.
Initially she was fine and then the next day there was the usual temperature and fussing, temp was gone by Saturday but she still seems off to me. She's still super fussy wont play independently in jumperoo or play mat and will cry as soon as she's put down and even sometimes crying when I'm carrying her trying to settle her which is not like her at all! People always comment on how chill she is and I've even done 2 7-8 hour flights with her where she's never cried! So completely out of character for her. She has attended her swimming class and another group yesterday and today and been fine throughout but the last few days she is not as responsive to her name and this afternoon I've noticed her spacing off a little and my mum said last night she noticed the same. Things to note are that she's also teething and has had a very minimal amount of contact with someone who has covid though i myself had covid around 3 weeks ago so would've thought she would've had it then as she was unwell around that time. I would like to take her to the doctors but holding off due to the covid aspect so giving it a few days as she has no obvious signs of being unwell, temperature etc. Has anyone experienced there baby being like this after vaccinations during teething or with covid? It's sent my mind spiralling 😔

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