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One year with recurrent tonsillitis

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annlee3817 · 26/09/2023 12:14

Currently on our fourth bout of tonsilitis, she gets checked out after the antibiotics, confirmed all fine and within 10 days has it again, thankfully nursery have agreed to waiver the 48 hour rule on antibiotics as long as she is ok in herself, although most of the time she's running a fever... anyone else had this and is there anything that helped? She's allergic to penicillin as well which I don't think helps 🤦 just feel so sorry for her

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clipclop5 · 26/09/2023 15:32

DD had pretty much constant tonsillitis from December to April this year. Every time we’d go to the GP, get a course of antibiotics which would settle things down and then a few days later the cycle would repeat itself. All in all she had about 8 confirmed cases in the space of 3 months. It was awful. GP even sent us to A&E twice for IV antibiotics but each time they just sent us away as they felt they weren’t needed

We are fortunate enough to have private health insurance so I took her to an ENT consultant who agreed it was best for them to come out as they had just reached a stage of chronic infection. She had them out in April and very happy to confirm no more tonsillitis🎉 One minor sore throat when she had Covid in June but that’s it. The NICE guidelines for tonsillectomy state that there needs to be at least 7 confirmed cases within a year or 5 per year for 2 consecutive years so not sure your DD would be eligible though?

annlee3817 · 26/09/2023 19:52

Thanks @clipclop5 I miss typed the title, she's one year old, and this is the fourth bout of it since August 10th, so in just six weeks. She was so poorly yesterday that she was showing amber signs for sepsis, but the nurse gave her Calpol, got her back in two hours later and her pulse had improved. Just seems to get worse every time, but they said that it may be counted as one episode that just won't go

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