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21 month old eating advice

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Carlii1702 · 26/09/2023 00:51

Looking for advice ..
my 21 month old eats the same food every day. Breakfast and lunch is fine but dinner is a struggle. She has CMPA and we are maybe thinking she has something sensory going on as she gags at food without even touching it then refuses it completely, even things like bean juice!. She also refuses all meat and with her having CMPA she is limited on dairy alternatives. I have tried so many different meals, she used to only eat the tray meals but now has moved on to 1 particular meal. I didn’t know if anyone had any advice on how to get her to eat some new things. 

Her typical food is ..

breakfast: weetabix 
lunch : jam sandwich, strawberries, crisps 
dinner: potato stars/chips veg (I always offer her some type of meat or something like veggie dippers on the side, but she won’t touch them) 

Thankyou in advance 

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