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Worms- please help , losing my mind!!

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blakey242 · 25/09/2023 20:14

I discovered I have worms last night. I'm absolutely mortified as I feel like I have good hygiene. It's completely irrational I know but feel dirty!!

I'm a teacher and have 3 primary age kids. We've all had the tablets and plan another on 2 weeks. Nobody else in the house is showing any signs.

I'm a slightly obsessive cleaner at the best of times so this has sent me into overdrive. I've got washed all beds, deep cleaned the whole house and generally run around like a crazy person.

I'm sleeping in the spare room and plan to hot wash my sheets for the next few days. Is that enough?? I feel like I want to cover the whole house in bleach. I'm looking at the sofa right now thinking should I deep clean that too? What about the books??

Can I have a talk down please before I start disinfecting every pen in the house....

OP posts:
ladymuckofthemanor · 25/09/2023 20:18

You don't need to blitz the place.

Clean phone and tablet screens, door handles, remote controls, wash all hand towels.

Wash hands before touching any food. Do not put hands in mouth at all. Make sure your children do the same.

Wash kids bums first thing in the morning to remove eggs.

Life cycle is 6 weeks, so you just need to prevent re infection. However as a primary teacher there will always be kids in your class with worms so you will probably need to get used to infection!

Buy worm medication to keep at home as it will no doubt be 11pm at night when you discover them!

Peekingovertheparapet · 25/09/2023 20:21

If you spread a thin smear of Vaseline on the skin around your anus it stops them being able to lay their eggs. Used alongside the medication is a good method for preventing recurrence.

Girliefriendlikespuppies · 25/09/2023 20:37

Pineapple is a natural dewormer so eat loads of that!

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