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Chronic Constipation - poo bacteria found in urine sample

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Sunnflower93 · 25/09/2023 14:33


Please bear with me as this is new to me but I am just as my wits end and willing to try anything.

The Dr has found stool bacteria in my 4 year olds urine sample (She went in for a suspected infection but these test came back negative, it was the lab which found this)

Back Story

My Daughter who is almost 5 suffers with chronic constipation she has done since 6 months old. She is on 4 sachets of Laxido a day and this is just enough for a bowel movement every 6 days if we are lucky. She has constant over flow due to the constipation.

I have visited the Dr too many times to be told it is normal. I don't think this is but am beginning to doubt myself. We have been referred (again) to the hospital and currently on a 9 month waiting list.

Problem Now.

Last week I suspected she had a UTI so I took her to the Dr and sent in a urine sample, I was told it wasn't an infection and that I was worrying for nothing. The Dr sent it to the lab 'to be sure'.
I got a phone call yesterday saying they found bacteria usually found in poo samples in her urine sample. (her urine was a clean sample and as far as I'm aware had no over flow)
The Dr was shocked at this and said it isn't an infection but we are treating with anti biotics anyway. I will take her back next week for a re test to see if the bacteria is still there.
Has anyone had simular found in their urine samples and what was the outcome?

Maybe it was an infection or is there something going on with her bowel? I can't help but this this is all linked! All other blood tests have come back clear.

Any experiences is hugely welcomed.
Thank you.

OP posts:
nocoolnamesleft · 26/09/2023 00:16

It is incredibly common for children to get water infections if they are significantly constipated. To quote a paediatric nephrology consultant of my acquaintance "Our clinics started going better when we started prescribing less antibiotics and more laxatives." If there is faecal loading, the bladder can't empty properly, which is a risk factor for UTI. If there is faecal loading, this dilates the anal sphincter, meaning more faecal bugs floating around the perineum, which is a risk factor for UTI. If the child doesn't drink enough (which quite a lot of constipated children don't) it is a risk factor for UTI.

I presume you know the ERIC website?

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