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What is this rash on my 3 year old

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TrafficPoster · 24/09/2023 20:07

Was definitely not there this afternoon but at bath time was clearly there. So around 3 hours from nothing to something.

I can’t be 100% sure if he hasn’t fell on it as some point as it he doesn’t normally complain unless he ‘really’ hurts himself.

It’s on his butt cheek if that’s of any help to you.

Thanks in advance

What is this rash on my 3 year old
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Songbird74 · 25/09/2023 05:07

Hi OP, it looks like a graze and possible petechial spots (little bits of bleeding under the skin). How is your LO in himself? Maybe see how he is in the morning - if he was unwell with fever / sickness / more rashes then I would seek medical attention ASAP.

Does the area feel smooth (like skin) or is it raised / bumpy? If it’s the latter I would assume he had banged his bottom and it was a tissue injury.

TrafficPoster · 26/09/2023 21:52

@Songbird74 thank you so much for responding. After reaching out to the entirety of my family panicking (I’m sure google was made to haunt us), it’s definitely just a bruise or a sort of carpet burn. It’s gone down really quickly.

He was absolutely fine in himself thankfully.

Ill leave the post up with the information just incase anyone else might find this useful at some point.

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