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4 year old with croaky voice

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BA36 · 24/09/2023 17:51

A couple of weeks ago my 4 year old came home with a croaky throat. He’s not been unwell.

I left it 10 days and called the doctors to get him checked to see if his throat was okay. It was fine and he has no other issues. We saw a paramedic (at the surgery) who said she would also speak to the GP to see what he would suggest.

he has a dairy allergy and since the beginning of summer when we introduced it back in he’s been burping a lot, so I’m wonderingif his hoarseness is from reflux, I suggested this to the paramedic and she agreed it’s most likely the cause.

has anyone experienced this? I’ve got health anxiety so trying not to worry about vocal tumours etc! He’s now been off dairy again for about 10 days and the burping is definitely better but he’s still croaky!

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