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Acne in 6 year old

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piscis · 24/09/2023 11:35

My DD is 6 and her skin has never been the smoothest or clearer.

She used to have keratosis pilaris in her arms, which has improved massively and she now has only few spots.

The skin on her face was similar to her arms (though not as bad) and I assumed this was also keratosis pilaris (we never took her to the gp for this, as it didnt seem too bad).
The skin on her face seems to be getting worse and I am now doubting if this is keratosis pilaris. Some spots seem like they could be, but she also definitely gets a spot every now and again that seems more like an acne type of spot. I am really worried as I had really bad acne as a teenager, I am so worried she will get it too. In any case, she is only 6 and shouldn't have any acne! Should I be worried?

Did anyoone here had kids with this type of skin at this age than then went on and didnt have bad acne in their teens?

Acne in 6 year old
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