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Toddler limping after fall

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ShazzaF · 23/09/2023 12:34

Yesterday, my nearly 2yo son fell at soft play and hurt his ankle. He immediately came to me for a cuddle, he was grabbing his ankle or foot and was making a noise that he makes when he's upset - I can't figure out how to explain it on mumsnet lol, but he wasn't actually crying at all, just looking for me to acknowledge him I think. He'd usually properly cry if he was even s little hurt, and he stopped the fussy noise about 30 seconds after he came over to me for a cuddle. I took this to mean he was more frightened by the fall than hurt. He then went on to play for another hour and seemed totally fine.

Yesterday evening right before bed, he started limping ever so slightly and I noticed his toes on the foot he hurt felt slightly hot but there was no swelling anywhere. I let him go to sleep and looked on the NHS website but following their advice it seemed like there was nothing to worry about at that stage.

This morning he is limping a little more, but still pottering around the house having fun. But he does seem to be in a not so great mood this morning, and l I'm concerned by the fact that it seems to be hurting him more now.

I'm starting to wonder now if I ought to take him to be seen, or just let him rest and see how it goes. I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience with this and what you'd advise.

Thank you! X

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Sprogonthetyne · 23/09/2023 12:44

At that age they can't really tell you where it hurt or how, so alway better safe the sorry. If he's broken something and it heals wrong, that is much harder to fix then getting it sorted at the time.

You could ring 111, if they agree you need to be seen (the nearly always do with a child) they sometimes make you an appointment, so you don't end up waiting round A&E.

mynameiscalypso · 23/09/2023 12:47

My son did something similar (although he jumped off a table rather than at soft play). I took him to be seen when he was still limping 48 hours later. They did x rays and couldn't see any damage but said it was better to be safe than sorry. It took a while for the limp to disappear but they weren't worried at all.

HP89 · 23/09/2023 12:47

Head to your nearest minor injuries unit. I’ve worked in A&E and you’d be surprised how many children can actually underplay a fractures! Hope all goes well.

OhhhhhhhhBiscuits · 23/09/2023 12:59

My daughter fractured her leg and foot (separately) and was still walking on them before we took her down a&e. With her leg, she ended up in plaster for 8 weeks. Get him checked out.

ShazzaF · 23/09/2023 20:36

Thanks everyone. After reading your replies, we did go to the MIU in the end. They couldn't really examine him very well as he's absolutely petrified of doctors/nurses/anyone in a health care type of uniform. He has been ever since his jabs at 12 months, and then we paid privately for him to have the chickenpox jab shortly afterwards too which I think may have really cemented the problem 😬

Anyway, after seeing him walk they weren't hugely concerned, but said if it's no better tomorrow then go to A&E.

Very much keeping my fingers crossed that he's better in the morning!

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