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What could this be?

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Marax · 23/09/2023 12:33

My son has had this mark/spot/area on his knee for about 4-5 months. It doesn't appear to be a bite.. no discharge or pus. Him being the typical boy has picked at it before but no difference.

I was planning on making a doctor's appointment but wondered if anyone's come across something similar, beforehand?


What could this be?
OP posts:
jannier · 23/09/2023 13:19

A better place to ask would be a pharmacy.

Songbird74 · 23/09/2023 13:48

Did he injure his knee to begin with, OP? It almost looks like keloid scar tissue. My DS is prolific with picking scabs on his knees and has scars similar to this, but that looks rather inflamed. I would speak to a pharmacy and see what they make if it in the first instance.

raffathegaffa · 24/09/2023 23:23

It could be a wart, my daughter has something like this but smaller and less inflamed

GreenMeanMachine · 24/09/2023 23:29

That looks like a keloid scar. It’s caused by too much collagen. The body basically “overheals” and the scar becomes bigger than the original wound. You cant get rid of them, but you can stop them growing and there are treatments to minimise the look.

Is your son BAME? Keloid scars are more common than in Caucasian children.

NHS advice is to go to the GP for keloid scars.

pbdr · 24/09/2023 23:33

Another vote here for keloid scarring. Try to get him to stop picking at it as it will just make it worse. I'm prone to these, and if I leave them alone they eventually shrink down/ fade, but it can take years.

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